Monday, October 12, 2009

What cleaning products do you use?

For laundry?

For cleaning floors?

For cleaning bathrooms?


anna said...

I use Gain for laundry - I know I shouldn't but it smells soooo good.

I use vinegar and/or baking soda for everything else. I never did until about 6 months ago, but it works really well and neutralizes weird smells. I spray my kitchen sink with vinegar every night. (I just have a spray bottle thats half vinegar and half water)

ben and erin said...

yeah... i don't clean!

seriously though, i use purex for laundry. and for the bathtub/shower i use some kind of scrub free stuff. lysol/clorox wipes for the vanity and *ahem* WET WIPES for the floor!
and for the kitchen floor i use mr clean every couple months when i actually scrub it!

i like anna's idea... vinegar = CHEAP too!

Cindy said...

I use 1/2 Simple to 1/2 water a little white vinegar and I love it!!!

It will clean everything!
The simple green adds such a clean smell too!

For laundrty I use CHEER and Downy

For dusring I use white pledge!

these are my remedies!

AT times I use poor old LYSOL luquid! ( but not all the time)

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