Friday, October 9, 2009

"Let us rejoice and be glad in it" Alternately titled: I'm pooped.

Can I just say that unless my day gets better than it has been for the last 2 hours I will most certainly not be rejoicing.

6:30am-alarm clock goes off, I get up to get Kylie ready for school and Emeric is screaming in his bed

6:31am-I get Emeric up and he STINKS

6:35am- I get Kylie out of bed to get her ready for school

6:37am- I change Emeric and find a plastic spoon so I can scoop poop out of his diaper and into a plastic container that I'm required to keep in my refrigerator. Yum.

7:00am- I point to yet another box of cereal that Emeric wants one minute and not the next

7:17am-I lay Emeric on the chair with his blanket because he looks like he might fall asleep and I walk Kylie out to the end of our driveway to put her on the bus

7:20am-I walk up to the door to come back in the house and the door is locked. I contemplate coming in through the basement but don't want to wake our "rentors" so I begrudgingly knock on Kaydence's window to try to wake her up to come and unlock the door.

7:22am-I continue knocking and finally hear Kaydence start coughing which means she's hopefully waking up. I also realize if she's coughing this means a nebulizer treatment or two are in our future.

7:23am-Kaydence wakes up and unlocks the door

7:45am-Both of the kids eat breakfast

8:08am- I call the clinic to make Emeric's follow up appt. with the doctor

8:15am- I decide to scrub out the entire bathtub.

8:25am- Since the bathtub is freshly cleaned I figure the kids might as well take a bath now.

8:30am- I put the kids in the bathtub and fill it with bubbles.

8:35am- I hear a rumble. Bathtub water is quickly turning brown. Emeric is saying, "uh oh"

8:35 1/2am- I grab both kids out of the bathtub and wrap them in towels

8:40am- I ponder looking through the classifieds for a full time PAID job.

8:45am- After the water has drained and I have finally swooshed all of the poop down the drain I go get the bleach to clean the bathtub yet again.

8:55am- The bathtub is clean. I yell for the kids(still naked from previous short bath) and I walk out the bathroom door only to smell something horrid.

8:56am- Emeric has pooped AGAIN. This time all over the carpeting, toy trucks, stuffed animals, fabric bins, his hands, e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e.

8:58am-I put both kids back into the bathtub

8:59am- I walk out of the bathroom to get carpet cleaner, rags, Lysol and nose plugs and consider locking myself out of the house again.

9:00am- Clean up of disgusting, rancid smelling bedroom begins.

9:15am- Get kids out of bathtub, dress and diaper QUICKLY

9:25am- Sit down to blog about my enjoyable morning while the bleach continues to eat away at my now dry hands.

9:27am- Check my online bank account to see if there are enough funds to hire a babysitter for the day. Realize there are not. Decide instead to breath a sigh of relief that it's all over(for now) and get out my Walmart list to add: Bleach, Lysol, anti-diarrheal meds, chocolate, entire room full of new toys.


ben and erin said...

ugh. what a sucky morning! thank God it isn't a monday, huh!

i hope you'll be able to look back at this and laugh. in the way distant future, of course! :-)

hope your day only gets better!

LS said...

Thanks for sharing this. I have quite a few days like this and I'm glad it's not just me! Most days feel OVERWHELMING with the demands of three little kids!

LS said...

Hope it gets better for you! I admire you for all that you have to go through!

MJ said...

I was just sitting here thinking how much work it is to have a full time paid job. But after reading this I think I am glad to be out of the house!

anna said...

i have no words...........

Elissa said...

Hi! I linked up to your blog through the "Bloom" site. I laughed through this post (in all sense of supportive laughter) and was so thankful I'm not the only one who has those days. I'll be back to visit...

angela said...

I finally got an account so I can comment.. I know.. its about time I let you in on the fact I LOVE YOUR BLOG! Despite the fact that I laughed my butt off while reading this entry.. I couldnt help ponder the words.."Count It All Joy!" hmm. interesting .. but yet you are my HERO! By the way I needed the laugh and I still think you should write a book. You are the next Geranium Lady!

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