Sunday, June 27, 2010


I have been such a bad blogger these last few months... Not even really sure why...

I got home yesterday from a week counseling at Bible Camp. The Mennonite North Central Conference puts on a camp each summer and I've counseled in Senior camp the last two years. This year we had 50ish campers from ages 13-18. It was a blast and I posted a ton of pictures on facebook so I'm not going to re-post them all here! :)

The theme this week was, "The Bible: Use it? or Lose it?" which was my corny idea. lol Basically we discussed if the Bible was still relevant, why, and how. Of course we decided it was and we explored different ways in which it was. A few people shared stories about how the Bible had been useful to them in a hard situation. I shared a bit of Emeric's story as well.

The days are pretty long at camp... we're up at 7:00am and head to breakfast. After breakfast we had game time, morning session, worship time, small groups and lunch. After lunch is fine arts, afternoon rec, water fun and then dinner. After dinner is evening rec, night session, worship, devotions, and finally... sleep. Although sleep is hard to come by at camp! With musty, damp cabins that keep your blankets wet, giggly campers, a 2" mattress, and other factors it's not hard to see why!

I'm really glad I decided to go back. I was worried about missing my kids and prayed a lot about that and can honestly say I didn't. Of course if I thought about it long I would but there just wasn't enough time for that. We kept too busy! I really made an effort to stay present and keep my mind on camp instead of other stuff because it's pretty hard to be effective otherwise. It was also nice to be technology free for a week! Really makes you realize how much our society lacks in true relationships and conversation when you don't use a cell phone or computer all week!

I'm now home and trying to rest up before we start packing AGAIN to go camping this coming weekend!! :)

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