Monday, March 16, 2009


Shouldn't there be a hotline where parents can call when they don't know what to do for their kid?

Emeric is sick and I'm sitting here going back and forth on whether or not I should take him in. He's had hardly anything to drink all day, nothing to eat since yesterday and 1 semi-wet diaper all day. I guess there is a nurse hotline but they ALWAYS, WITHOUT FAIL tell you to bring them in. I don't know why there isn't just an automated system that says, "Good evening. You've reached the nurse phoneline. Please bring your child in. Goodbye."

He shows some signs of dehydration but I guess I keep assuming he'll start drinking soon enough and we can avoid a doctor visit.


Jake started his job today. He said he mostly drove around all day learning the ropes. The girls are telling everyone that dads new job is to "give people gas" which I suppose is appropriate.

Spring is finally starting to make it's way to these parts and our driveway is both wet and muddy. It's 11:00pm though and 41 degrees which makes me hopeful that I can ship the kids outside for the day hopefully in less than a week! :)


ben and erin said...

i agree about the nurses. it usually ends up that they have you bring them in when you shouldn't and they tell you to stay home when you should've come in. i hate not knowing.

how is he doing today?

that so cute what the girls said about jake! hope he enjoys his new job!

Becky said...

Do you have a nurse that usually works with your doctor? I've found that talking with my nurse or having her call me back gets me better answers.... what did you end up doing? lol about the gas!!
Praying for Emeric!

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