Tuesday, March 17, 2009

2 hour and 14 minute doctor visit

I ended up taking Emeric in today. He had to have some lab work done and the lady in the lab was new. We went in and sat down and she said, "Has he ever had blood drawn before?" and I just sort of smiled and said, "he's probably donated more blood at this lab than anyone else, yes". Then she proceeded to ask Emeric to squeeze her hand. I told her he didn't understand what she was asking and she just said, "oh". He did well and then he had to also have a strep test done. She said, "Open your mouth and stick out your tongue" and again I told her he probably would not understand what she was asking so she says, "Ok, well can you stick it out like this and say OHIO". Are you kidding me? Do you think if he can't understand you asking him to open his mouth that he's going to say OHIO?

The other tech who knows us well smiled and I smiled at her and said nothing. Nothing to say really, it was just comical to me.

Turns out Emeric was dehydrated which I knew but the doctor and I both agreed he seemed to be a bit better and we'd wait until tomorrow and if he was still sick he would need IV fluids. He did however lose 4 lbs since Sunday. He still has not had a bite of food since then although he has drank some Pediasure now which technically he can live off. He took a 5 hour nap today and went to bed mostly on time so hopefully it won't be too long of a night!

The doctor did hear a heart murmur today which she said could just be because he was sick but he's supposed to have an ECHO and EKG done anyway so they're going to bump them up to next Wednesday. He will have to be sedated again which will make this his 8th time. He's becoming a pro.


ben and erin said...

wow, that new tech sounds like a gem!
really, i can't believe she said that. why do some people have to be that stupid! :-)

man, he is becoming a pro, poor guy. i hope everything goes well with the tests.

Heather said...

Ohio...really??? Some people just don't have much common sense, do they? Hope things are going better and that the tests go well. I'll be praying.

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