Wednesday, March 11, 2009

What a Day

Between Emeric and the dog I think I gained a few gray hairs today.

First, Emeric woke up from his nap and stopped being able to walk. Again. He had been crawling off and on since he got sick on Saturday but today he did not seem sick and had no fever. So when he started stumbling a lot and not able to sit up without propping I was worried. It came on really suddenly and he kept closing his eyes and moaning like something was hurting him. :( I emailed his neurologist who said to take him in to the ER. I decided since the clinic was open to take him there. And lo and behold he was fine when we got to the clinic. Go figure! They did nothing and really had no answers which is also typical. All they could say is, "It's probably due to his underlying disease". Sigh.

Thankfully he seems better now and I'm just hoping this does not start becoming a pattern. I got him ready for bed, gave him his meds and then....

Then my dog swallowed an entire bottle of Emeric's seizure medication. I had dropped the bottle on the floor and the dog started playing with it and I figured, "Eh, it's closed and it will keep the dog busy while I put Emeric to bed". So maybe 5 minutes later I come out and see the cap is off and the pills are completely gone. At least 15-20 of them or more. CRAP!

I start panicking figuring the dog is going to die(although at least she would likely not have seizures in the process :) ) and immediately got online to see what my friends thought I should do. I tell you, these girls never let me down! Someone suggested giving her a bit of hydrogen peroxide to induce vomiting. So I did and it worked! Hooray! And YUCK!

I had put a call into the vet and he said that was the right thing to do and she should be fine. So, let's hope!!

Anyway, here's a video of Emeric we took from today. This was when he would not walk and since he's not walking you can't really tell that his gait is bad but you can see he doesn't want to put weight on his legs and he's more floppy than usual.
View this montage created at One True Media
My Montage 3/11/09


ben and erin said...

i'm glad that he snapped out of it by the time you got to the clinic, but still how scary. have you ever had anything like that happen before? that video is so sad. yeah, he does seem like he's hurt or sick or something... :-(

i can't believe the dog got the pills... good thinking on the peroxide. i wouldn't have known that.

Jessica said...

Wow, that sounds so scary! and lame that the doctor didn't really seem to try to give you any sort of answer. =( I'm so sorry!

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