Saturday, March 7, 2009

News on the homefront...

1. Jake got a job!!! He starts a week from Monday. He'll be driving a fuel truck for a local propane company and it sounds like it's going to be a great job. The only problem is we're going to be taking quite a pay cut but we're hoping within a few years the stability will pay off. So, please keep us in your prayers b/c right now the numbers on paper don't exactly pan out well! :)

2. We got a puppy! She is a Bichon and we named her Lola. She's super cute and actually doing semi-promising as far as potty training goes!

3. Kylie and I went and talked to a public school teacher the other day because we're considering sending her to public school next year. We wanted to find out what they need to know going into 1st grade and it's A LOT! She said the standards for kindergarten are higher than any other grade! As much as I love the philosophy behind homeschooling I don't love doing it as much. It's a hard position for me because there are so many things about public school that I don't like; standardized learning, grouping kids together by age instead of academic ability, grading systems, behavior systems, etc...

However, we decided when we started homeschooling her we would try it for 1 year and see how it went. If we didn't like it we would put her in public school and try that. If it doesn't work out at least I know if homeschooling would be a better option. My hope is that they'll open up a charter school sometime soon here!

4. Emeric starts school in a couple weeks! The therapists want to transition him from home based therapy to center based therapy so he'll be in a class with 6 other boys and 1 girl, all of who have developmental delays. Emeric is the only one with other health concerns so they're working on a seizure protocol and said they might provide someone specifically to keep him from getting hurt, especially while in the gym. He'll go one day a week for 2 hours and then once he turns 3 it will be 2x a week for 2 hours. Hopefully it will be good for him.

Well, I think that takes care of anything blog worthy. Off to finish laundry.


Jessica said...

Is there a charter school in the works in DL yet? Is Kylie excited to try public school? Would you put Kaydence in public school right away or would you try home schooling her first, also? Ok, since this isn't 20 questions for Nicole, I will just leave you with those! =)

That is great Jake got a job that provides stability. That is super important these days, eh? And cool about Emeric's new therapy. Hopefully it's both beneficial as well as fun for him?

ben and erin said...

how exciting that jake got a job! i totally understand about stability since ben is self-employed... i would definitely like him to have a more stable job, but God still provides for us and he will for you even though number on paper don't always look the greatest!

it's really good that you're going to try public school even though you disagree with some of it. it's great that you tried homeschool but if you don't like it, then kylie won't like it either and she won't learn as much. and with public school you could still reinforce what she's learning at home. there are so many parents that don't do that and i think that's when kids start failing.

and that's exciting about emeric going to a class. sounds like they're making sure he'll have a safe environment. you'll have to let us know how he likes it!

A day in the Life... said...

I am sure Emeric will love class.. Did you ever figure out your transportation arrangements?

Becky said...

Nicole, glad this week is starting out good for you! I left you a comment as a post on my blog about your "too much to think about tuesday"

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