Sunday, November 9, 2008

Oh deer.

Jake went hunting for the first time this weekend! As in the first time ever hunting! He also shot his first deer! He said it was so young it nearly had spots on it. LOL I don't know what he plans on doing with the meat since our 2x4' freezer is filled to the brim with frozen corn. Maybe I'll get a picture later when he goes to cut up the deer.

I asked him why he decided to hunt this year and he said because Kylie told him he should really go kill a deer so we have enough meat for the winter.

We went out with a bunch of people after church to eat lunch and we walked in and it was filled with hunters and Kaydence saw all the orange and got a perplexed look on her face and said, "Huh, it must be trick or treating!"


It also looks like we'll be making a trip to the allergist again for Kaydence. She's been complaining of stomach pain for a while now and breaking out in hives a lot after eating. Today she had chicken strips and I didn't even let her have ranch because it's been making her break out and she still ended up with hives! I know there are traces of dairy I'm sure in the breading so I'm wondering if it is that or something else she's developed. She's due to be retested anyway so I'm going to make an appt. for her tomorrow.

In the meantime we're needing to drastically cut her dairy out. Right now we let her have the dairy found say in cookies or crackers but now she's even reacting to that. We'll also have to see if she can stay on the goat's milk or not. She's tolerated it ok in the past but lately her allergies have been worse and most people with cow's milk allergies also do not tolerate goat's milk.


Annika said...

Your deer story cracked me up... it's only the beginning! Once 'boys' shoot, they become addicted! My husband is bow hunting all week, he's addicted :) Sorry to hear of your daughters allergies. My 5yr old has a berry allergy. He also breaks out in hives. A good book on allergies is the Food Allergy Field Guide, by Theresa Willingham. I hope you figure out what she is allergic to.

ben and erin said...

congrats on the deer! i love what kaydence said about the hunters. so cute! hope you can get her allergies figured out. and what does goat milk taste like? :-)

MJ said...

I know what a pain it is to try to cut out dairy, it is in practically everything kids eat. I know without dairy Elli eats a lot of rice and peanut butter and jelly.

Nicole said...

Goat's milk is nasty but she drinks it fine!

You're right Miranda, it is a huge pain.

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