Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I had to take Kaydence in today for an appt. for her allergies. They really didn't do anything but they want her to have skin testing done in 2 weeks. Won't that be fun!! She was so worried today that she was going to have to give blood so thankfully we didn't have to.

I left Kylie and Emeric with my friend and she said Emeric was acting kind of funny and falling or not being able to walk real well. I wondered if maybe he wasn't feeling good because he's kind of got a runny nose. I came home and gave him a nap and now he's just lying on my lap. If I put him down he cries.

I don't know if many of you read Emeric's caringbridge site but we heard back from the developmental ped and it turns out Emeric has duplications of 2 chromosomes. Both relate in some way to the Mitochondria and likely explain why he has Mitochondrial Disease. He did say they could be meaningless mutations that don't explain his symptoms but it doesn't seem that way. I'm waiting for a call back from the neurologist to see if we can get some answers as to what this means. The ped also wants me tested because he said if I carry the same duplication that the girls would have it to. That's a whole other topic that I don't feel like getting into but basically it's nice to know how Emeric got it and where it came from because it can have implications on the girls and their future children.

I'm feeling emotional about all of it today but I think people don't like to hear the negative stuff so I'll leave that all for another day as well! :)

Jake is gone for a few days trucking so it's probably going to be a long week!


S. and Company said...

Hi Nicole,
Just wanted to send a little note to say you and your little guy are in my prayers (as well as the rest of your family). My heart always aches to hear about a child who hurts or has to go through something difficult. I know people don't always say the right's hard to know what to say. I just wanted you to know that one more person cares. May you feel God holding you in his hand as you face all of these things.
In His Love,

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