Thursday, November 6, 2008

It's been a busy week around here!!

I had a dentist appt. on Tuesday and it was HORRIBLE. They couldn't get my mouth numb even with roughly 15+ shots of novacaine. And no, I'm not exaggerating. They gave me two different kinds to try to get it numb but I could still feel it. I was shaking so bad I thought I was going to shake off the chair. The dentist also said my jaw isn't working properly and basically the joint isn't working and he wants to do a "further, more in depth assessment" of it to decide what to do. All I know is I aint wearing any kind of headgear! :) Anyway, 2 days later and my jaw is still hurting from all the needle pokes and manual jaw manipulation.

Emeric had an appt. today and was casted for orthodics. He did so well! He just sat there and played with a little timer thing that beeped while they held his feet. We picked out a camoflauge pattern for the orthodics to be covered with. He also had a hip x-ray because according to them he's "extremely hypermobile" and they wanted to make sure his hips were sitting in the joints correctly. And they were. I told her he'll make a good contortionist someday with his flexibility. It really is pretty amazing!

We also got a prescription for a bed for him. Right now he's in a crib that's being held up on one side by a dump truck. Again no exaggeration. It was a cheap crib and it's been around since Kylie so 5.5 years. It was also one that was recalled a while back and we stupidly never got it fixed. So anyway, we're hoping insurance will approve this new bed. We don't want to buy a new crib that he's going to grow out of shortly but he can't be in a regular bed either because he doesn't have much awareness for safety and when he gets hurt you hardly ever know it. He also climbs everything and would be out of any kind of regular bed in no time!


The girls have gotten so competitive lately! The other day Kaydence said, "Mom, 5 is more than 4." and Kylie said, "How does SHE know that?" in an she's younger than me and shouldn't know things I don't tone. I said, "She's smart!" and Kylie didn't miss a beat(other than the time it took her to cross her arms and huff loudly) by telling me that she wasn't smart. I said, "You're both smart!" and before I could finish Kaydence said, "And 6 is more than 5!" I had to keep from laughing because Kylie was visibly frustrated and annoyed that Kaydence seemingly knew more than her.

A few hours later Kylie answered a question about something that Kaydence didn't know the answer to and she just shrugged her shoulders, smiled and said, "I guess I'm smart too!"


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