Friday, October 10, 2008

Long day...

The MRI went well today. We had to be up early and Emeric was in a good mood. They numbed his hand before starting an IV so thankfully he didn't feel too much but they had to try twice to get it in and he wasn't happy. They then sedated him and he fell asleep but as soon as they got him down and into the MRI he woke up so they had to give him another dose. So, with a double dose of oral sedation he was pretty knocked out. He slept for quite a while and then when he got up he couldn't walk, couldn't crawl, and could barely sit up. Thankfully he went back to sleep for another few hours and when he got up he was much better. We won't have any results until next week but I'm praying his MRI is still normal.

The girls stayed at my sister in law Kerry's house last night and they had a lot of fun. They got to have a slumber party, watch movies, and eat popcorn. They stayed up really late so by this evening they were less than charming. Thankfully we put them to bed and I haven't heard a peep!

Well, off to eat a pumpkin bar and then head to bed!


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