Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Non-Wordless Wednesday

Did anyone watch the Presidential debate last night? I did, but only because Todd Smith, the guy from Selah was sitting in the front row! :) I read his wife's blog and she told everyone he'd be there, in a green shirt, so I was watching and there he was! :) I guess she said Obama came up to him afterwards and asked him what he did for a living and he told him and Todd said he would send Obama a cd. :)

I'm always so skeptical in watching these debates because I just don't trust what either candidate has to say. I try to figure out the truth on my own but it's hard sometimes. There is a very brilliant woman I know who always knows what's going on and she fills me in when I get lost! LOL There was an online debate I was reading where people were talking about who Jesus would likely vote for if he were here on earth. Kind of funny to read everyone's responses. The democrats were saying that he'd be in favor of Obama because he was all for giving to the poor but the Republicans came back with the fact that Jesus wouldn't favor abortion. Abortion is the biggest issue I have with Obama. It's an issue I cannot compromise. I don't really care what's at stake. Not saying I don't also love poor people! Heck, if I said that I wouldn't love myself. LOL

Speaking of finances... I spent money today! Oops. In my defense the money was spent on a pound of hamburger and sour cream. I consider them both parishable food items though so technically they don't count! See, with all that corn I froze I have absolutely no room in my freezer so I have to use hamburger as I buy it and keep it in the fridge, therefore techincally making it parishable(How the heck do you spell that word? It looks wrong!)

Oh, and isn't this the cutest picture you've ever seen? Emeric climbs up and always crosses his legs like daddy! (Don't mind Jake's dirty work clothes!)


ben and erin said...

yeah i watched part of the debate, but i always seem so lost when it comes to politics. at least i'm trying! :-)
that picture is so cute. i love how emeric is folding his hands too!

MJ said...

I can't stand watching those debates, I don't believe a word either one of them say. What really got me angry was Mccains 5000 tax rebate on health insurance. I just wanted to throw something at him.

I pay out of pocket for Elli's insurance and a 5000 tax rebate is nothing, it would barley even cover the premium for a year. Then when I went on line to look up his plan it actually is only 2500 hundred a person or 5000 a family, which makes it even worse. 2500 a year would barley even cover a crappy health plan premium for a year.

I am not sure how much you would actually see of that 2500 hundred anyway, since it is a tax credit. When I do my tax's now and I get a credit the more I make the less the credit actually gives me back. So in all actuality I might only be saving 1000 bucks a year. It would also be for a plan where I would most likely have to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars out of pocket each year as well. A totally insignificant unhelpful plan that does nothing to truly address the insane cost of health coverage in this country.

I am not voting for either one of them!! Until someone comes along that actually represents the average American. I wouldn't vote for either major party candidate.

Jessica said...

I watched the debates, too, but no one said anything new... no surprise there. Abortion is a HUGE issue for me too! I always vote pro-life...

Cute picture!!

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