Saturday, October 11, 2008


Here's a really poor quality picture of our Epilepsy Stroll Team. They sent me a picture and since I don't have a scanner I had to take a picture of the picture!

School at home = staying in your pajamas all day and using a ball as your chair! Oh, and making the letter E out of noodles! :)

I painted our bedroom last week... It doesn't look quite so vibrant in real life. The lighting was bad and well my picture taking skills are bad too. So, it'll have to do!

At Awana's on Wednesday the kids were supposed to dress up like what they wanted to be when they grew up. Kylie wanted to be a doctor but we didn't have much doctor stuff so she was a nurse instead. :)

A couple pictures of Emeric yesterday at his MRI.

I'm also fiddling with my layout and trying to re-aarange things so everything is a bit messed up on my blog right now. Hopefully I'll get it fixed soon.


Jessica said...

Cute pictures. How is Emeric feeling after all those sedation doses? Back to normal?

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