Tuesday, September 16, 2008

RIP Swiper/Stripey/Jack

Our beloved cat was killed by our dog. The dog so lovingly drug it out into the middle of the lawn as if it were his prize. The poor girls saw it when they were going out to the swingset and Kylie is really upset. She said she is going to tell everyone that her cat died and if they aren't home when she comes to tell them that she'll wait at their doors until they are home. She also told me in painstaking detail what she saw of the cat's decomposing body and how she knew when she saw it that it was our cat because of the stripe on the tail. Awww.... As much as I'm not a cat lover I feel bad. Mostly because the girls are so upset at seeing it. Kylie also said she wants to write a letter to her aunt Jill telling her the cat died and then she'll write, "We loved our cat" and put a heart underneath.

While Kylie was mourning the feline loss Kaydence stated that when she grows up she's going to go live with Karri. Kylie told her she wouldn't have any girls to play with, only boys, so she changed her mind. Kylie said she wanted to live with grandma when she grew up.

I see how I rate.


JYF said...

come on over kaydence! i would love to have a little girl in my house to spoil!!! love you, karri

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