Monday, September 15, 2008

The best thing about a trip to the Cities!

Emeric had blood work today that needed to be done in St. Paul so his nurse and I drove down and had that done. It went fine. They only had to poke him twice.

The best part was getting to stop at Trader Joe's on the way home! I've made it a tradition to stop there everytime I'm in Minneapolis now. The next time however I need to remember to bring a cooler so I can actually buy frozen stuff! I did get all of this however:

That's 2 quarts of Almond Milk(yes, Emeric will actually drink it), a bag of ground flaxseed, because my other bag is expired, cookies, mini, whole wheat pita pockets, toothpaste, bowtie pasta, and 3 loaves of bread. We tried Ezekiel bread once from the grocery store but it was insanely expensive. This loaf was only $2.99!! Trader Joe's is awesome. If I'd have bought this all from the health food section of our local grocery store I would've paid nearly 3x as much!

And then, inspired by My Charming Kids and the meals she makes her kids I decided to give it a try. Jake is gone after all and I didn't feel like making dinner:

The kids were absolutely thrilled at the idea of having a bunch of HEALTHY choices to choose from. Ha ha.

Upon putting their plates on the table Kaydence took one look at it and said, "YUCK!" and then, "RANCH, woohoo!!" A few minutes later after the two carrot sticks and the ranch were gone she said she was full. I'm sure that will last a good 10 minutes and she'll be begging for a peanut butter sandwich.

So far the kids aren't enjoying the fruits of my inspiration.


MJ said...

What is that on the bread, tuna? We love Trader Joes, although I hardly go there anymore. It is farther away than the other grocery stores and since we have so many health stores it seems like a waste of gas to go 20 miles out of my way.

One of the best investments I have made in the last couple of years was a bread machine. So now instead of having to buy bread I make my own and it is way healthier than the stuff at the store and cheaper. We even use it to make our own pizza!

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