Thursday, September 11, 2008

Kaydence told Jake today that she learned in Little Lambs(class for the kids during Bible study) that, "Jesus cried on the cross."

Yes, I'm certain he did. But I think what she meant to say was that he DIED on the cross. :)

The girls had Awana's last night. Kaydence was in Cubbies for the first time and cried at first but then when I came to pick her up they said she did fine. Kylie was in Sparks which is what you start when you "graduate" out of Cubbies. She enjoyed it but cried because she wore sandals and couldn't run during the games and they wouldn't let her take her shoes off and then she cried because she didn't get a snack. So Kaydence, being the compassionate sister that she is chimed in immediately with, "WE got snacks. We had rice krispie bars..." Approximately 2 seconds later she adds, "With sprinkles." At this point Kylie is bawling and asking why they don't get snacks and Kaydence did. I explained that since she was older she probably wouldn't get snacks now. That answer didn't really satisfy her and she went to bed upset.

This morning we got in the van and we're on our way to town and Kylie says, "Kaydence did you guys have rice krispie BARS or rice krispies in a bowl?" Kaydence very matter a factly lets her know they were indeed bars and reiterates there were also sprinkles. And then for added measure she lets her know that it also made her sticky.

Poor Kylie. It's a tough world. You better enjoy snacks while you can because once you turn 5 it's over. There are no more treats. And definitely not treats with sprinkles.


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