Friday, September 12, 2008

I had lost my memory card for my camera about a week ago so I haven't been able to get any pictures on here for a while. Those stupid memory cards are so small that I can't imagine how even an organized person would find it if it were lost. I just so happened to be picking up the garbage underneath the computer desk and spotted it! I also came across a q-tip, a sippy cup, a stuffed Elmo doll, a pen, and Emeric's insurance card! Luckily the sippy cup had water in it and not milk. I think if you're a parent you've likely found a sippy cup full of milk more than once that had been long lost. Not a pretty smell.

Anyway, random pictures again... We spent two days freezing corn and I threw in a few pictures of that and some other ones of Kylie's "school days".


ben and erin said...

eww... i HAVE come across the sippy of milk one too many times. one time i just threw it away because i knew it would be too nasty! glad you got to deal with water! :-)

great pictures... the corn looks delicious.

oh, and i love the rice krispie treat story from the other day. your girls sound like way too much fun!

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