Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The two biggest annoyances of today...

#1- When I get an answering machine message that says, "Hi, Audrey Johnson here 522-5785". (no, not real name or #)

I guess if I knew who Audrey Johnson was maybe the message wouldn't have been so strangely brief but I didn't. So, I called 522-5785.

Me: Hi, is Audrey there?

Audrey: Yes, this is her.

Me: This is Nicole S. calling, I was returning your call.

Audrey: Who?

Me: Nicole S.

Audrey: Hmmm.....(long pause) Oh, you're that girl from Waubun?

Me: Um, no.

Audrey: Oh, from Detroit Lakes, that's right.

Me: Yes.

Audrey: (at this point excited) I have some very important information for you regarding seizures!

Me: Oh...

Audrey: Oh but I have piano students here right now, why don't you call back tonight.

Me: Um, ok.

Ok, let me just preface this by saying that I am not at all opposed to someone giving me important information regarding seizures. I am however opposed to random strangers calling my house without telling me who they are or why they're calling and then telling me to call them because they have information that I never asked for and might or might not want.

I realize she does not know if we've already gotten the information she had or if we wanted the information and she doesn't know that he has an underlying condition causing seizures not that he has Epilepsy like someone who just has seizures has Epilepsy. No, she didn't know because she didn't ask.

And I already know what information she likely has. You know why? Because I've had COUNTLESS people give me their "cure" to seizures. I'm sure they mean well but do they not think that the THREE neurologists we've seen in THREE different states haven't already possibly covered all these "cures".

People will tell me that if I took him off all wheat products he WOULD stop having seizures. Not he "might" stop, he WILL stop. Or dairy, or corn, or soy, or maybe I should take him off goldfish crackers!

Or if I just took him to a chiropractor they would fix him. Because someone knew someone else's cousin who went to a chiropractor and they never had seizures again.

Or if I had people lay hands on him or prayed hard enough or had enough faith then God would heal him.

Yes, I've really been told all of those things. Well, all but taking him off the Goldfish crackers! :)

So, I'm sure this lady means well but I don't want her information. I might have if I wasn't in such a bad mood. But I am and she rubbed me the wrong way. You know, some people do that.

#2-Yes, that was all just my #1 annoyance.

My other annoyance is when a therapist or nurse calls and leaves a message asking if they can come out the next day. They ask you to call if they can come out. They tell you to call by 4:30pm because they won't be in the office the next day and they need to know today.

You do not call. You don't call because you've been out of town and you didn't get home until after 4:30. You don't call because you don't feel like having someone come out. You aren't in the mood for company and you want a break and your house is a mess and so on and so on.

And then the person shows up anyway.

And they tell you they left two messages.

And all you want to say is, "Yes, I got them and you said to call you if it would work out for you to come and it DOESN'T work out which is why I DID NOT call and then you showed up anyway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

But instead you smile and apologize for the mess and for your dreadful hair that hasn't even been combed yet.

*After I wrote this post I ended up talking to that lady and she wanted to tell me about the Ketogenic Diet. I told her we knew about it but because of his condition he can't be on it. She said she was hoping this would be the answer. Yeah, me too. But anyway, she was nice enough. Just kind of odd in the way she went about it. I admit to being in a bad mood so I'm sure that played a part!


ben and erin said...

whew!!! i'd be annoyed too! i especially hate it when people just show up with little or no warning because that's a day that i'm either sleeping in, still in my pj's, or not wearing makeup and haven't brushed my hair. and of course the house is always a mess!

and what a weird phone call...
hope you have a better day tomorrow. :-)

Jessica said...

I think of those two annoyances (and both seem VERY annoying), I'd be more irritated at the lady who said only to call if she could come and then came anyway, even though you never called. Even a courtesy call the day she came might have been nice...

Hopefully you don't get weird calls or unexpected visits any time soon!

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