Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I thought maybe someone else would be interested in these sites. They're pretty cool...
Brain Pop Jr. Is a really neat site for kids with lots of information on different subjects. You can subscribe for a free day trial to see if you like it. I think you would! :)




Right now we've got lots of ideas for school but our "tenative" schedule is:


Language Arts-Using our Oak Meadow curriculum
Science-Oak Meadow
Music-Piano Lessons
Craft-Oak Meadow

Math-Oak Meadow and Singapore Math
Social Studies- Country of the Week, Oak Meadow, World Vision sponsored child, www.worldatlas.com

Language Arts-Hooked on Phonics, Starfall
Science- Oak Meadow, National Geographic cards

Social Studies

Homeschool group activities

We've also got lots of other odds and ends we're incorporating in but we'll see how it goes. I have plenty of stuff to do, too much probably. I'm not pushing anything and my goal is 30-45 minutes of core subjects and the rest will be incorporated throughout the day including stories at bedtime that have to do with our letters or sounds for the week.

Monday's will be our big day because Emeric is out of our hair with his nurse so we'll try to get piano lessons done that day and our craft. I've got other ideas for that day too.

Tuesday's will be a quiet day...

Wednesday's the girls will have Awana's at a church in town. Kaydence will start Cubbies this year and Kylie will be in Spark's. I usually leave Emeric with Jake and take the 1.5 hours to myself which is a highlight of me weeks! :)

Thursday's we go to a Bible study in town at the same church the girls have Awana's at. It's great because they have nursery care for Emeric and Little Lamb's for 3-5 year olds. It's just a little over 2 hours and I enjoy getting together with other women.

Friday's the homeschoolers get together as a group. In the fall and spring they go swimming and in the winters they go ice skating. Emeric's nurse will be coming with us on Friday's and we're trying to get it set up so he'll have speech therapy at the hospital during part of that time. Kylie will also having swimming lessons during that time as well.

Our week sounds really busy but I plan on being pretty laid back in terms of "doing school". I really think Kindergarten should be a fun experience and that kids don't need lots of academics at that age. I also think learning is a part of life and that you don't need to call learning "school" in order for kids to learn. We aren't using workbooks or worksheets other than some of the math because Kylie enjoys that. There won't be any sitting at a desk-type learning and most of our learning will be games, reading, outside stuff, etc.

September is Hispanic Heritage month so we're going to start off learning a little bit about Spanish culture and learning the numbers 1-10 in Spanish. Kylie knows most of the them but Kaydence doesn't.

Now, for other news... Emeric has a neurology appt. tomorrow and blood work. He's lost some more weight so we've got to discuss what we'll do about his meds. Keep him in your thoughts if you don't mind! :)


ben and erin said...

wow!!! your week does sound busy! i bet the girls are gonna LOVE it though! i don't have a schedule, (we're using a.c.e. for reading and math) but plan on being pretty laid back like you. it's amazing how many teaching opportunities come up during the day!
we'll be praying for Emeric tomorrow. Samantha likes to pray for him! :-) and she loves to look at pics of the kids, too!

Nicole said...

Yeah, we'll have to play it by ear. Really Friday's we'll have off and won't be academic days at all. I threw cooking in there because Kylie loves it but whether or not I'll actually feel up to letting her help is another story. LOL That's just the IDEAL schedule. It will probably look much different I'm sure!

Erin, do you guys have a homeschool group? Did you get your ACE stuff online?? I actually wouldn't mind something like Word Building. I think Kylie would enjoy it.

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