Monday, August 25, 2008

It came and went...

So, I didn't ever mention to anyone here that I got a job. Yup, working at the pharmacy in town. And then as soon as I was told I got the job I realized I can't take it. Let's just say that health insurance in our country is majorly screwed up and in order for us to keep our health insurance we have to remain poor. Sounds about right huh? I thought if I got the job that would be a sign I should take the job and well, now I'm bummed because I really, really wanted the job. :(

The health care in this country is ridiculous. I don't think Universal Healthcare is the answer and I don't really know what is, I just know something needs to change. The way it's set up now is terrible for people that are self employed and basically keeps the poor poor.

OK, enough rant for the day. I've got a bazillion phone calls to make so I'm off.


ben and erin said...

yep..... totally agree. i didn't know jake was self employed...ben is too. it's not cut out to be what we thought it'd be. you either make really good money or like you said, stay poor!

Jessica said...

That stinks! I agree that our health care system (along with many other systems) are messed up. I also agree that universal health care is not the answer.

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