Monday, July 28, 2008

I've been lacking in my posting lately. Partly because it's so nice out and we've been busy and partly because although we're busy there's really nothing all that exciting going on here! Yesterday we went to a parade and then to the lake. They had a zip line which Jake went on quite a bit. I climbed up to it and chickened out. I've gotten afraid of heights in my old age! LOL Kylie went down though. She wasn't scared at all but I was terrified she was going to fall on the lawn and break a leg. It was at least 15 ft. high! She held on for dear life though and wouldn't even let go when Jake told her to let go. Jake's brother had his boat out so me, my sister in law Kerry, and our other friend went each on separate tubes behind the boat. It was a lot of fun. Today I woke up and all the muscles in my arms and shoulders were sore and I couldn't figure out why and then I realize it's because I'm obviously incredibly out of shape and 10 minutes of tubing will ruin me.

The kids are doing good. Kylie is getting excited to start school. I on the other hand am really nervous but I'm trying to just not think about it! I think Kaydence will enjoy following along with some of Kylie's stuff too.

Emeric is doing good. He's singing alot these days and walking everywhere. He tries to run but mostly he just throws his head back to keep his balance and then still ends up falling down. He screams at the top of his lungs too and then when he falls he says "woah". His only real word other than the singing. LOL Seems appropriate for him though! He has a VEEG in Fargo on Thursday and Friday to try to catch some of his facial twitching that he's started doing. They want to determine whether or not it's seizures or a side effect of his meds or something else. I doubt they'll catch it. They never seem to. He's not really been himself this last week. He's been really tired and "off" but I'm wondering if maybe the heat has something to do with it? Hard to say... You can always check his Caring bridge site if you want. That's where I usually update about what's going on with him.

Here's some random pictures I thought you might enjoy!

The green beans are our first pick out of our garden! Kylie said, "I didn't know we were growing THOSE!"

Sam is a good dog. His only faults are: pooping all over the lawn, digging up my flower beds, dragging garbage all over the lawn and barking in the morning when he wants his food.

Oh, and jumping on Emeric which explains the cuts on his face in the next picture.

And this is what most of our day entails; Emeric hitting someone with something. Girls screaming at him to stop hitting. Girls hit back in defense. Emeric comes whining to me begging for sympathy.

A picture says a thousand words!


ben and erin... said...

nicole your kids are so adorable!

i'm going to homeschool samantha this fall too. it's hard to believe are girls are in kindergarten, huh!

hope the rest of your summer is great.

ben and erin... said...

lol... i mean OUR girls!

and i'm gonna be a teacher?!?!?

A day in the life of the Simmons said...

Hmm That sounds an awful lot like my house! Everyone hitting everyone and screaming!lol

Jessica said...

Never a dull day in the Swiers household, eh? You and Erin are brave for homeschooling!! I am not sure I could handle that! Are you guys using the same cirriculum?

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