Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Well, Emeric's VEEG went well. We met with the neurologist and he's still having a lot of seizures. We started him on a new medicine so maybe that will help some. He has started having partial seizures that end up as generalized seizures and the right temporal lobe is slower than the left. These are new changes that weren't there 6 months ago so that has me concerned.

Anyway, not much else going on here. We're getting ready for school. Jake is working on getting the room in the basement finished and then we have A LOT of cleaning to do!

I'm not in a writing mood so here are some pictures instead...

I gave the kids some beans to play with and as you can see they had fun making a huge mess:

Emeric at his VEEG:

I canned beans for the first time ever and they turned out well!


Mom said...

yaaaaah congrats. on the green beans, your brave lol

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