Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Not much has been happening here in the last few weeks. We ended our Bible Study and Awana's for the summer and Gymnastics is also done. It's been a nice break! We're cutting back on Emeric's therapy a bit for the summer to just give everyone a break!

I got my garden planted and my flower beds done last week. The day after I planted it was very windy and I think some of my petunias might not survive. The girls are excited about the garden but hate weeding. What kid hates weeding? :)

Kaydence is sick today. I had a chiropractor appt. in town and came home and she was lying on the couch. Jake was complaining about how crabby she was and that she wouldn't eat. I said she probably didn't feel good and I went and felt her forehead and she was hot.

Emeric still has his cold too and I'm getting tired of chasing him around with kleenex!


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