Monday, January 14, 2008

Back to Cleveland

Turns out we'll be going to Cleveland after all... Fargo can't do the MRS study they want done so we could either do it at Cleveland or Mayo. Since we've already got tickets to Cleveland we'd spend a lot more going to Mayo with having to cancel our tickets. So, Monday he'll have a pre-op and then Tuesday he'll have an MRI/MRS. We're possibly scheduling an echo of his heart for sometime in those two days too, I'm waiting for a call back from the nurse.

Emeric has a pre op today to clear him for his eye surgery on Thursday. I really think he's still got an ear infection since his ear is still draining so I hope they will still clear him. If not, the doctor is out until April on maternity leave so it'd be a long time before they can get it done.

In the meantime yesterday was a very bad day seizure wise. I'm wondering if it was because he was just overly tired and missed his nap but even still I hate that he'll have so many seizures just from missing a nap!

Jake will be gone all week trucking for his uncle. It's so cold there's no way they could work outside this week. I'm hoping he'll be home early on Friday since we're now going to Cleveland.

I haven't gotten much sleep at all lately! For some reason Kaydence has been waking up screaming throughout the night which keeps us up obviously and then this morning Kylie came in really early and would not go back to sleep. She said she had a bad dream. Maybe I'll get a nap today! Yeah right!


Kelley said...

Are you leaving on Sunday then? Do you need help with the girls at all? Let me know!

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