Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I don't know about this...

I decided to try my hand at baking bread. Ha! I'm not sure this is something I can figure out. I baked 3 loaves. It said to let them rise for 7 hours. Mine didn't rise until at least 14 hours later. LOL Then I baked them and I'm not sure if you're supposed to cut slits in the top for air or what but I basically had a huge air bubble. The bread looks terrible but actually tastes pretty good. Guess I'll try again a different day!

I've been working on decluttering the house. I'm not all that well. It's overwhelming when you need to get rid of a bag of things in every single room of the house! I finally got a bunch of stuff listed on Ebay which is a start I guess.

I had the girls in today for a routine appt. and they were each measured and weighed. Kaydence is barely on the charts for height, I think she was in the 3rd percentile and for weight closer to the 10th. Kylie was right around the 25% for both if I remember right. They both had to have their fingers poked and both cried. My first thought was that if Emeric were old enough to talk he'd have told them to suck it up and be thankfully they weren't digging around in their arms with a needle for the 8th time! LOL I guess it's a good thing he can't talk because the girls were both pretty distraught. :)

On another note... I'm really struggling with what to do with Kylie next year for school. She starts kindergarten and the closer it gets the more I don't want to send her. Jake does not like the idea of homeschooling and thinks I'll be totally burned out doing it. Maybe he's right but how would we know that unless we tried it? I told him we'd save a ton of money on gas since I wouldn't be hauling her back and forth 2x a day. I guess we'll see, we still have some time to debate about it!

For now I'll let her learn what she's learned so far through watching Dora! :D


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