Monday, December 10, 2007

Birthdays and appointments(of course!)

Kaydence turned 3 on Friday! She was really excited but she kept telling everyone she was 4 and then 20. LOL She does act like she's going on 20 sometimes so I guess it's not all that inaccurate.

On Saturday my mom, Roger and the boys and Matt, Katie and their kids came and we celebrated our Christmas. I made my first ham ever which wasn't spectacular I have to admit. We opened presents and the kids were thrilled to get new toys!

On Sunday we had Kaydence's birthday party with Jake's side of the family. She had a Diego cake that she was very proud of and she got some more nice gifts!

We got our appointment to Cleveland set up for January 22nd. We'll have to be there Sunday night because he has pre-op stuff on Monday and then the procedure on Tuesday. They'll be doing a muscle biopsy, skin biopsy and spinal tap. We'll then fly out Wednesday morning I think instead of Tuesday night because I don't think he'll be feeling all that great on Tuesday yet. Not sure what we'll do for transportation... I know a lady there that offered to pick us up from the airport but then we'll have no way to get around once we're there. It's probably not a big deal though because they do have shuttles.

We also have a video EEG on January 9th-11th so it'll be a busy month for him! Hopefully though he can get a good week of rest before leaving for Cleveland the next week.

I feel bad leaving the girls so much that month but hopefully John and Pat will be able to keep them most of the time. They enjoy staying there because they know their house well and they're close enough that they could come home if they wanted to.

Emeric has been doing pretty good but I think he must be having headaches or something. I'm not really sure but he squints his eyes a lot lately like something is bothering him. I guess I'll talk to the neurologist when we go in January.

They'll be starting him on supplements as soon as the muscle biopsy is over so maybe we'll see some improvement there, I don't know.

Well, I suppose I better go figure out what the girls are doing, it's way too quiet in their room which can never be a good thing!!


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