Tuesday, December 4, 2007

We've got snow and one of Santa's Reindeer!

We've been getting lots of snow here! I don't really mind the snow, I hate the cold weather that comes along with it! We've been staying home more since it's been snowing which is probably good for our gas bill! The kids have yet to go play in it but I'll probably send them out later today if it stops snowing.

In other news we got a new puppy(the reindeer ;)). The girls named it Bandit and it's actually pretty cute despite the biting, the pooping on the floor, the biting at your ankles, etc.... It's only 10 weeks old so still a puppy and will hopefully grow out of some of that. Here's a picture of him:

Kaydence's birthday is on Friday and we're having a Dora party for her. EVERYTHING is Dora. From the cake to the decorations to the gifts! I think Dora is making plenty of money. Actually it's kind of ridiculous the price mark up on stuff just because it's got "Dora the Besplorer" on it!

Well, done with my rant, I better get to my laundry!


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