Sunday, November 25, 2007

We're all turkeyed, I mean tuckered, out!!

We had a good Thanksgiving. We went to Katie's (my sister) house and had dinner with her and her family and my mom, Roger, and the boys. My uncle came for a while too. The kids enjoyed playing together since they don't get to see each other real often.

On Friday Katie and I got up and left her house at 3:15am to go shopping. Are we crazy you ask? Well, yes. But I came to the realization we were much more grounded than most people shopping. There was a crowd of people outside of Menards at 4:45am and the store didn't even open until 6:00am! I am NOT that much of a die hard. Frostbite just isn't for me. Overall it was a good day, I got lots of great deals and wasn't too annoyed with the gazillion people also looking for good deals, which ends up leading to pushing, yelling, sprinting through stores with carts, stealing carts(yes, this happens), etc.... It was fairly comical and I wished I'd have had a camera! :D

Tonight we had Jake's dads birthday so once again we filled ourselves with fattening food. I think I've gained at least 5 lbs since Thursday!

We just got home and put the kids to bed. Emeric is sick again. He's running a fever, coughing, snotting all over the place, and just acting miserable. I'm worried he's going to develop pneumonia. He has an appt. tomorrow morning for a pre-op before his eye surgery on Thursday so the doctor should be able to listen to his lungs, check his ears, and hopefully he'll get over this quickly. He's seemed tired a lot lately, or at least more tired than usual. Especially in the morning. He'll wake up and within an hour he's back in bed. It's so hard to know when something is "normal", related to sickness/teething/whatever, or related to the mitochondrial disease. If I tell myself it's normal than I'm ok but when I start thinking about whether or not it's related to his disease it's hard because I know that fatigue means his cells aren't getting enough energy, which is obviously not a good thing. I don't know, I try not to think about it too much honestly.

Jake has been really worried about Emeric lately and we finally talked about it some last night. Not much but enough to let me know it's been really weighing on him too.

Anyway.... It's the start of a new week and a busy one at that! Doctor appt. tomorrow, therapy a couple days this week(for Emeric, not me, ha ha!) and then Thursday the eye surgery and a spinal tap. HOPEFULLY! We're trying to get it worked out so they do them both together because I have no desire to put him under two separate times. I really hope they get it worked out, I'll be praying for that!

Have a good week!!


Is it nap time yet? said...

You and Katie are brave for shopping on "Black Friday" - I think someone gets trampled to death each year (usually at Walmart)!

I will keep praying for Emeric and your family!

Is it nap time yet? said...

oh yeah, if you have any, can you post pics of your brothers, too? =) I haven't seen them forever.

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