Wednesday, November 21, 2007

It's one thing after another...

Kaydence has been coughing for 6 weeks so I decided to take her in today to see if it was more than just her asthma. The cough was mostly at night which is a big symptom of asthma but the last couple days it's gotten a lot worse and she's been coughing nearly non stop. Turns out she has pneumonia. She also has an ear infection. No wonder she hasn't been sleeping well! The doctor gave me the choice of whether or not to put her on antibiotics or to try to let her get over it on her own and I decided that since she's had it for a month and a half and hasn't gotten over it yet that I might as well treat her. Also I really can't have Emeric getting it. The doctor thought too that she most likely wouldn't get over it on her own. So please pray Emeric doesn't get this! He's still got something going on, he's still running a low grade fever and acts like he doesn't feel all that spectacular.

The next couple weeks will be busy for us with Thanksgiving this week, Black Friday shopping on well, Friday obviously, :) and then Jake's dad's birthday party on Sunday. Next week Emeric has a doctor's appt. on Monday and then Thursday he has his tear ducts irrigated and a spinal tap. My goal after that appt. is not to have ANY appt's until next year. Yeah right. I can hope though! :) All I want for Christmas is my two... kids to stay out of the clinic!! After Christmas and New Year's Emeric is having his 48 hour Video EEG which I am already DREADING. I think Jake will hopefully stay at the Ronald McDonald House there since last time he slept in the van! This time it's a little bit colder. The room is tiny and they only allow one parent to stay overnight but I told Jake that's not a good enough reason for him to get off the hook and I end up being the only one there to keep Emeric from pulling 25+ cords from his head for 2 days! Plus I figure we might as well make it a point to stay in the Ronald McDonald House in every state. Just kidding!!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!


Kelley said...

Hi Nicole,

I'm glad I can keep informed through your blog. I will be praying (continue) for your family. Keep on keeping you're doing. We're so proud of you!

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