Thursday, September 6, 2007

Bodily functions

If you're eating you might want to put that on hold...

So the other day I was doing something and Kylie came up and said, "Mom, will we poop and pee forever?" I have to say I was a bit caught off guard with her question so I had to think for a moment about what my response would be. I said, "Uh, yep, until we die." Instantly she sighs, shrugs her shoulders and says, "But I'm getting tired of pooping all the time." Ya know, I can't blame her. It does get old after a while! LOL

The kids have been fascinated with this lately and I hear them DAILY while playing house say things like, "I'll be right back. I'm going poop." This is with Barbies btw. These Barbies poop and pee more than any doll I've ever seen! I also overheard Kylie informing Kaydence that you could eat your poop and drink your pee! DISGUSTING!!! Normally I don't interfere with their play but I just couldn't help myself when I heard this because I instantly pictured Kaydence in the bathroom with a cup. Blech! So I said, "Um, Kylie, people don't eat poop." And she looked at me like I know nothing and said, "Mom, Johnna said you can." Oh, ok well if she said so. She is 6 ya know, much wiser than a 4 year old! I informed Kylie that Johnna was wrong and she didn't seem convinced.

If this is how my girls talk I'm worried about Emeric at that age!!


Jenn said...

Hello, I saw your blog on Katie's site; I hope I'm not intruding. I have three boys ages 8, 5 1/2, and 3. They are fascinated with their bodily functions and sounds, also. I was a little worried too but now I'm glad to see that its not just my children! LOL

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