Friday, June 22, 2007

Today I've got a ton of cleaning up to do around the house. I've been putting it off all week but we're leaving tomorrow for Grand Rapids and I can't keep putting it off. I did get my garden partially weeded last night though so that was good. I sunburned my back horribly though which is oh so comfortable!

Jake is leaving tonight for the weekend. He and three other guys are driving their motorcycles into the Badlands in SD. I'm going to head to Grand Rapids for the weekend because the thought of sitting cooped up in the house all weekend makes me want to poke myself. My mom is throwing a birthday party for Kylie since they didn't make it to our house for her birthday. She's pretty excited!

Now, for a change of thought.... I need a calendar. I have a really small one with approximately .2523 millimeters of writing space and it's not working out. Emeric has so many appointments right now that I could really use an 8x11 sheet of paper for each day. Next week: Monday-WIC appt., Tuesday-OT and I'm also pretty sure I scheduled PT to come out the same time as well! Ugh. I stupidly didn't write down when she was coming thinking(naively) that I would remember amongst the other hundred appt's we have. So now I have to find a way to get a hold of her. Wednesday the Early Childhood Teacher that plays with Emeric is coming out and then we leave for Fargo for the 24 hour Video EEG(VEEG). So far Friday is open, which I plan on keeping that way because nothing really is more important than garage saling. ;)

Well, this is way too long and my hair is getting dry without styling crap in it. Which means I look terrible. Adios.


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