Monday, June 25, 2007

This weekend we went to Grandma Kim's for a birthday party for Kylie. Lots of relatives, food, and swimming so it was fun. Kylie loved the water and swam with her cousin Baylee(in matching suits ;)) most of the time. We stopped and had lunch with my friend Anna and her daughter Ryann on our way home. The girls enjoyed seeing Ryann.

Jake was home from his motorcycle trip and burnt to a crisp. He had a bandana on his forehead so there's a very distinct line crossing his face. LOL. He had fun and is already talking about buying another bike so I can go with. Rightttttttt...

The kids are crabby today and so am I. I don't think any of us got great sleep all weekend and it's obvious. The girls are watching Barbie Fairytopia and I'm hoping Kaydence will fall asleep!!


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