Monday, June 25, 2007

Be forewarned...

I'm in a really bad mood right now so basically this entire post is about how pissed I am at various people....

First in line... the stupid neurologist office. They called today and said Emeric cannot eat for 6 hours before his EEG which is at 1:30 PM!! I called back and asked to speak with the neurologist to figure out why he can't eat since he just had an EEG last week and I nursed him while they put the cap on! So of course her receptionist calls me back! @@(That is me rolling my eyes!) I tell her receptionist there is no way he'll go all day without eating so she says she'll call me back. So she calls back and says, "yep, he can't eat for 6 hours before!" I told her it was ridiculous to expect a baby to go all day without eating and that they should've scheduled it in the morning! She says it can't be scheduled in a morning and wants to know if I'm sure he can't make it all day because after all, I can feed him at 7:30am. Ugh, yeah I'm sure. @@ So then she says she'll talk to the neurologist and call me back AGAIN. Yeah, there was a reason I asked to speak to the NEUROLOGIST and NOT her receptionist!! @@

Second in line... Kaydence. She's been peeing on the floor all the time lately! She wants me to physically take her to the bathroom myself and take her underwear off for her, both of which she can, and has, done herself. So I've been saying no, that she can do it herself. Well, she doesn't agree and pees on the carpet! Then this afternoon we're standing .23" away from the bathroom and she says she has to go. I tell her to go. She starts screaming and pees in front of the toilet in her underwear! I spanked her, and yelled at her and of course now I feel like crap but OMG I am SOOOOO sick of pee all over the dang floor. Not to mention all the underwear and shorts I wash through the day! So there went the no spanking. She hasn't been spanked in months. Well, she's apparently going to continue being stubborn because she's been sitting on the toilet for 10 minutes and won't get off without me taking her down. Yeah, not happening.

I'm in a bad mood. I need to get out of the house!


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