Thursday, June 28, 2007

A Diagnosis

Well, we're home from the VEEG. It went well. Emeric was NOT thrilled(obviously!) to have the electrodes glued to his head but overall he did pretty good. The EEG did pick up quite a bit of seizures activity, most of which we didn't even notice. They had him hooked up for 24 hours.

Today we met with the neurologist. She'd ordered some blood work and we did get those results before we left. A few things were high but she wasn't too concerned about most of them. The two she's going to have redrawn on Monday were both related to the liver enzymes. He'll go in Monday to have those redrawn and also some other bloodwork to test for metabolic disorders and genetic conditions.

The doctor has diagnosed him with a Generalized Seizure disorder. She put him on Dilantin for now. She won't keep him on this as Dilantin is a broad spectrum drug and she wants him to be on something specific for his seizure type. The problem is she is going out of town and cannot review his EEG in enough time to determine what meds will work best for him. So, we meet with her in about a week and she'll switch his meds then.

If the blood work comes back and doesn't show a cause for the seizures then she'll need to do more extensive testing.

We asked for a referral to the Minnesota Epilepsy Center so we should get more information on that when we see her in a week.

Along with this Emeric's Physical Therapist has said she believes he has mild hypotonia(low muscle tone) and that could be what's causing some of his developmental delays.

Well, it's late and I'm super tired! I didn't get much sleep last night! :)


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