Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Tomorrow is Kylie's last day of 1st grade! I think she's pretty ready to be done and I won't mind not having to get up early everyday! Although I think my internal clock is set now and I'll probably still get up at the same time! She's had a great year. She has done so well with reading & spelling and has come a long way with her math skills.

Since today was Kaydence and I's last day together before Kylie is out of school I decided to take her to town and let her do whatever she wanted(well, within reason!). First we went to Walmart and she bought some gum. Then we headed to Menards to play on the slides and in the playhouse they had set up. From there we went to the mall and she rode on Garfield the cat while we wasted time waiting for Pizza Hut to open. After lunch we drove to our local Community Center to go swimming and play in the gym. The rest of the afternoon was spent sliding, picking out candy, going back to Menard's to play on the slides AGAIN, to the grocery store, to a little town outside our own to play on the slide and drink from the big lion water fountain and a few other random stops. All in all Kaydence and I had a great day and I just can't believe how fast this year flew by! It would be easy to feel guilty and think of all the things I could've done with her this year... more painting, reading, etc... but at least realizing how fast time flies reminds me to never take a single day for granted!


MJ said...

Sounds to me like she had a fantastic last day with you. She might remember it more since it was all her day!!

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