Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What are your summer plans?

As I sit inside looking out at the sun that gives the illusion of warmth I'm thinking about summer. I have big plans for summer & it really cannot come soon enough!

I've had a garden the last 3 years but every year something happens to ruin at least 1/2 of it! The first year I didn't take care of it at all and the weeds at the garden. The second year I didn't take care of it either but the 30 days of straight rain was mostly at fault. Last year the frost in JUNE killed off a bunch of plants! Oh and I didn't ever weed it.

I still don't plan on weeding it this year. There really seems no use. I always get way more than I need and I really am convinced that those previous natural disasters were what killed off some of the veggies. If it were my lack of weeding than why did some vegetables do fine? Exactly.

Anyway, my big plans are to plant a lot more variety and can a lot more this year. I've canned green beans and frozen corn in the past but I want to do more. So, that's my plan and I'm stickin' to it!

Other big plans are to do some more landscaping this year. We need to finish planting grass in our back yard and redo some mulching around the house. I'm also hoping that my perennials decide to come up this year. Some of them did but I uprooted them and placed them in a different bed last year and I'm thinking they went into shock and that's why they didn't come up. I don't know, I'm not a big gardening nerd so I don't know much about all this stuff but I'm pretty sure I heard that can happen sometimes...

Plan #3: Camping! Jake has quite a bit of vacation this year and we're hoping to use some of that to camp! Now that the kids are a bit older it's only A LOT of work instead of a TON of work. :) Nah, it's not too bad!

Plan #4: Convince Kaydence she will not die swimming, riding a bike, being out of my sight, pumping herself on the swing, or doing anything else without my constant prodding and supervision.

Plan #5: Farmer's Market! There's a nice farmers market that opened last year just a few miles from us and I plan on taking advantage of it more this summer!

Plan #6: Sitting inside and complaining about how hot it is outside! haha


Nena said...

Ohh. Call me sometime and we can meet up to camp!
We were just talking about camping with our camper more this summer.


ben and erin said...

i have a feeling i'll be doing a whole lot of #6!!!

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