Monday, November 16, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Upon hearing that Kylie had been kissed(on her coat, lol) by two boys at school who apparently have a "crush" on her I did not consider calling her teacher the next morning to let her know Kylie would never be returning.

I do not bite my nails and even if I did I definitely would not bite off my fingernail and then use the small piece to get something out between my teeth because I was too lazy to get up and get a toothpick.

I did not put Emeric in his bed(which is enclosed) with a bunch of toys so I could make dinner in peace and then leave him in there while I checked email, facebook, etc... because he was happily playing!

When walking out the door one morning and spotting a dead mouse laying on the path I did not actually feel a bit sorry for it and wondered how it died! What the heck? I am terrified of mice!

I do not need to stop eating frozen pizza 3x a week because I am not going to slowly gain back those measly 5 lbs I lost running this summer!

I did not consider putting up my Christmas tree today BEFORE Thanksgiving!!

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Heather said...

great not me post! i'm especially liking the kiss comment. too funny! :)

anna said...

gross! that fingernail/toothpick comment was hilarious!!

ben and erin said...

awesome! i have SOOOOO not done the whole fingernail toothpick thing!

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