Friday, September 25, 2009

Harvest and then some...

For 3 years I've had a garden and for 3 years I've weeded it approximately once each year. Yet still I end up with more than our family even uses. Especially zuchinni. Oh zuchinni.... You have to marvel at its extraordinary growing capabilities.

Last week I decided to wander down to the garden. I hadn't been there in a while and I assumed I'd probably find a few ripe tomatoes to pick and roughly 47 zucchini. Little did I know that not only were there 47 ripe zucchini there were also about 15 ripe tomatoes, 10 onions, 135 ears of corn and 3 measly carrots. The same carrots that we'd thought we tilled under because they never grew. I suppose if my garden wasn't overtaken with weeds I may have noticed the carrots actually were coming up. Still we'd tilled them under so those things must be pretty hardy!

See those zucchini? There are more on the bottom, more on the vine, a few sitting on my porch, a few more I threw in the woods and well, you get the picture.



Not "yuck" as in I hate corn but "yuck" as in this picture reminds me of a long, sticky mess.

After shucking(is that how you spell that?), blanching, cutting, mixing, and bagging the corn was finally done. Hallelujah.

And then there's this lone pumpkin. It looked like this a couple weeks ago...

(notice the weeds surrounding the pumpkin?)

And now it looks like this...

(I don't buy into this whole "weeding the garden" thing. A few weeds didn't stop this thing!)

See now NON round it is? Apparently you're supposed to turn them?

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ben and erin said...

oh i'm jealous that you have a garden! and if i lived closer i would definitely take some zuchinni off your hands!

i think weeding is overrated too. my dad would always make us go and weed the raspberry patch (ouch by the way) and now that we're gone, it's not so much of a priority to him. i think he just wanted to give us something to do...!

and wow.. you were busy with corn! enjoy all your hard work this winter!

Brianne said...

Wow you must have some amazing garden. I would love to garden, as would my daughter but I can not even keep a house plant alive! And I hate weeding! We have such huge beds( if thats what it is called) around the front and both sides of the house. The weeds are unbareable and every few weeks we need to spend hours weeding it. I hate it and would sell the house over it!! Sigh....

Nicole said...

I can't keep house plants alive either and I too hate weeding. Hence the reason I never do it! LOL

Jess(ica) said...

Like Erin, I, too, am jealous you have a garden! Fresh veggies are so yummy! Hope you find a way to get rid of all your zuchinni! =) and that pumpkin... lol... funny!

Pixel Perfect said...

You have a beautiful family! Wow! What a blessing a garden is. That's a lot of food. I wish we could have a garden.... :(


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