Thursday, September 24, 2009

Book Giveaway!!

I have a mini library in at least 3 rooms in my house. So, because I'm decluttering and because I like you all so much I've decided to have a book giveaway! Just leave a comment and I'll choose a winner randomly Monday morning and you can have your pick of one of the three books!

These are all devotionals... Two are specific to married couples, one is not. The books & authors are:

Night Light, A Devotional For Couples by James and Shirley Dobson

Never Alone, devotions for couples by David and Teresa Ferguson

Give Thanks with a Grateful Heart by Songs 4 Worship

Stay tuned for more giveaways!


A day in the Life... said...

Way to go on your Decluttering!

ben and erin said...

what a great way to declutter! i've never read any of those books, let alone heard of them!

anna said...

love it

Heather said...

i should take lessons from you! :)

Chare said...

I don't even have my boxes of books unpacked and we have been here for almost a year. Makes me want to get them out... But that would be the opposite of decluttering huh! I haven't heard of any of them either. Not sure that I need another devotional/Bible study right now, but... Gotta love the books!

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