Friday, August 21, 2009

Happy 3rd Birthday Emeric!!!

I thought I'd share some very random, non-chronological pictures of Emeric(most are from the last year because I didn't feel like hooking up my hard drive with older pictures of him on there!)

Happy 3rd Birthday Buddy!
We've had a great 3 years with Emeric. He's taught me more about life than I would've ever imagined and I thank God everyday for him!
Eating cake on his 2nd birthday!
Still cute with a scraped up, dirty face and messy hair!

Some stats:
At 3 years old you are 29.8 lbs and 37ish"
You LOVE Pediasure and your blanket(nani)
You love trucks and pestering your sisters!
You like to show off and make people laugh!
You say: mama, dadda, nani, wan tha(want that), ju(drink), ow, boom and no
Your least favorite things are: listening ;), eating, therapy(most of the time), and hugs.


A day in the Life... said...

Happy Birthday Emeric!

ben and erin said...

happy birthday big boy!

goodness nicole, he is just SO cute!

i love the pictures of him. the one with the dirty face is so cute, and the one of him hugging you too!

hope you all have a fun celebration!

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