Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I'm opening a pharmacy...

After leaving the doctor's office yesterday with three prescriptions for Kaydence I might as well open my own pharmacy.

Kaydence saw an allergist yesterday and we spend FOUR AND A HALF hours there. He's also a pulminologist and deals with lung issues so we discussed her asthma. He wasn't thrilled that she'd had previous allergy testing done because he said the type they did is not that accurate in kids so he wasn't going to take it at face value. He also didn't seem to be fully convinced that she had asthma.

He recommended doing a chest xray, sinus xray, nasal swab, spirometry(breathing test for lung function) and scratch testing for allergies. I was completely against the scratch testing because she was so tramautized by the skin testing they did before but he said this was different and not painful so I agreed to it.

The sinus xray showed chronic sinusitis. He figures she's had a sinus infection for a very long time. He wants her on antibiotics for 6 weeks(yuck), nasal washes 2x a day and Nasonex 2x a day. He said it will likely takes 6 months for the infection to fully clear.

The spirometry showed decreased lung function and proves she has asthma. The chest xray was cloudy and indicates asthma. She needs to take Flovent through an inhalor 2x a day.

The scratch testing showed a mild reaction to dairy and peanut. They aren't sure of the accuracy of the test because even the hystamine, which is what they use for a control, didn't react very much. They want to repeat it in 6 months. For now they took some blood to see if there's a reaction to milk and peanut and he assumed they would be normal(I hope!) but we should know something next week.

I can't tell you all the thoughts that ran through my head when he gave me the results of those tests. Mostly, "Why do I have more than 1 sick kid?" "How crazy will I go giving up to 10 medications a day to 2 different kids EVERY SINGLE DAY?" and more questions along those lines.

Poor Kaydence though. She must be so miserable and probably doesn't even know what it's like to feel good. She's never complained about her sinuses which makes me think she's probably dealt with it for such a long time.

Right now insurance doesn't want to pay for the Flovent or the nasonex. The Flovent comes through an inhalor. She could also take Pulmicort but that's through a nebulizer and it's really much more time consuming to use a nebulizer 2x a day vs. just 2 quick puffs on an inhalor so I'm really hoping insurance gets over it.

I guess the positive side is that I've made a lot of new friends at the pharmacy and bettered my math skills by counting and multiplying doses!


ben and erin said...

oh my.... you COULD be a doctor with all this knowledge and info you have all this stuff!
praying for peace of mind as you juggle all the different meds and treatments for the kids.

Jess(ica) said...

Oh, I'm so sorry... how awful to have to see your kids dealing with chronic problems...

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