Friday, May 15, 2009

Lurning pay shense

The bifocals are up and running. My spell check apparently isn't. (see title of post)

It's only taken me a mere EIGHT months to figure out how to get 2 of the blood tests done that Emeric's doctor wants done. Between billing and transferring and blah blah blah it's been a pain to try to get it done. I think we've finally figured out how to get it done, where to get it done and most importantly how to get it paid for by insurance. Another trip to Fargo and approximately 6 weeks for results and we're looking at finally having these tests back by July sometime.

This is my life.

Seriously, I feel like my life revolves around hospitals, billing dept's, insurance dept's, blood, urine and therapy.

I shouldn't complain, we've actually had a nice break lately with testing but for the 2 seconds it takes to draw the blood it's another gazillion hours getting it all set up. Genetic testing isn't as effortless as say, getting a glucose level.

Excitingly though I finally broke down and bought my own fax/copier/printer/scanner machine and that will make things a bit easier because I can stop wasting my mother in law's ink and paper using hers all the time.

So, if you wanna fax me and make me feel super important just let me know first. I'm not fancy enough to actually have a different number so there are a few steps involved.

Just wait, a year from now I'll have my own lab set up in the basement. Mwah ha ha.


ben and erin said...

i'm just a little confused. YOU guys aren't going to be taking his blood, correct?!

and when do we get a picture of the new glasses?

Nicole said...

Oh, I must not have made that clear. No, we're not taking his blood. It's just that in order to find a lab that will draw it and actually send it in the correct way as to get insurance to pay for it has been difficult. Maybe I should revise the post. LOL

Heather said...

erin and i must be related, because that thought crossed my mind as well. :-) glad you got things figured out.

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