Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Waiting for warmer weather!

It's supposed to be cold the rest of the week. Which is disappointing because when it was actually warm enough to go outside most of last week we were sick. The kids and I have been looking forward to getting out and going for a walk! In the summer we walk everyday and our neighbor(Jake's uncle) has all sorts of unique birds like a peacock, doves, birds that flip in the air, chickens, ducks, etc... He also has bunnies, pigs and a couple dogs. The kids love going over there and can't wait for summer to be here so they can see the "birds that flip in the air again". We're also really close to a public access and like to walk down there and go swimming.

There are things about living in the country that I don't like but in the summertime there are a lot of things I know I'd miss if we didn't. Privacy, having a bon fire in the backyard, fields and nearby ponds, bunnies, running through the woods to Grandma and Grandpa's house.

For now though it's supposed to be in the 20's for at least the next few days so I guess we'll continue to hole up inside. Thankfully we're all mostly well now and I don't have to feel like I'm breathing sick air.

On another note I also wanted to ask you to keep these families in your prayers:



A day in the Life... said...

Yes I am sick of the cold!! Enough already.

ben and erin said...

good to hear that you all are getting better. i'm sure you can't wait to open up your house and air out all the sick germs!

i really miss living out of town after reading your post. i'd love to raise my kids in the country!

Annika said...

We are ready for warm weather too! Another cold snap has settled in... hopefully next week it will be warm again!

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