Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Kaydence is my 4 year old, middle daughter. She has really crazy, curly hair and likes to try to snort when she laughs. She used to throw MASSIVE temper tantrums, especially between the ages of 2-3. By massive I mean thrashing, gagging, head banging, 45 minute tantrums. Thankfully she has outgrown them.

She likes to just sort of hang back and watch what's going on around her. At church when all the other kids are excited about Sunday school Kaydence would rather sit on your lap quietly. When we go swimming and the other kids are running around, going down the water slide and happily playing Kaydence will ask to sit in the hot tub the entire time enquiring about when lunch will be.

Her and Kylie fight plenty but are also really close. She told me today that she just doesn't want to go to Cubbies(church group) anymore unless she can be with Kylie because they just miss each other too much! Last week she cried all day that she didn't want to go and I made her and she had a lot of fun. That's typical and I know if I push her she'll enjoy it. I don't want to push her too much but really if I didn't she'd miss out on so much because she just needs some coaxing!

Another thing about Kaydence is if she gets in trouble for something she's quick to say, "I Love you Mommy" and just as quick to point out why she herself wasn't at fault but someone else(typically Emeric) was.

Kaydence is allergic to dairy so you'll frequently hear her asking if we have "Anymore ghost(goat's) milk?". She really does pretty well with it and takes it in stride when all the other kids are eating something with "dairy" but every so often lately she'll be longingly looking at something with cheese and say, "I just wish I could have some". Awww...

She LOVES music and sings all the time. Today she asked me if I would put my cd in for her and turn it to the song called, "Britney I'm sorry for your broken heart". She sang along, knowing most of the words! She got an MP3 player for Christmas and has a bunch of songs of her cd's on there. One of them she sings along to is, "Let everything that has breath praise the Lord" but more often than not the words make out to be, "Let everything that has BREASTS praise the Lord". Either way I suppose. :)

Kaydence is my cuddly girl. She'll curl up next to you with her favorite blanket and just sit contently. Tonight I went in her room because she was screaming(typical for her, she has night terrors & asthma, both of which keep her awake & have dubbed her as "the insomniac") and I asked her what was wrong and she, through tears, told me that she "just wanted the magazine". Hmmm.

While Emeric and Kylie happily made a mess today with some shaving cream(more pictures of that splendid idea later) and a bunch of cars Kaydence sat happily, curled up with her blanket, watching a cartoon.

Anyway, just a few tidbits on her and since she's still up coughing so looks like she will be getting another neb treatment. And lucky for her, she just soaks up all the attention! ;)


ben and erin said...

it was fun to read about her. she sounds like such a fun girl! and i love her crazy curly hair. it's so cute! (yeah, i know if i had it i'd probably hate it, huh!)

poor thing though... i don't know if i could go through life being allergic to ice cream!

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