Saturday, February 14, 2009

An eventful few days...

A couple days ago Emeric fell and twisted his leg. I ended up taking him in because he wouldn't walk on it and it's sprained. So I wrapped it and he was seeming better last night and then I walked into Kylie's room and noticed he was playing up on her bed(which is the top bunk). He hasn't been up there in months because I leave the ladder down but Kylie put it back up and I figured he'd be fine. I turned around to walk out of the room and heard him fall. I ran in there and he was laying on his back, crying but not too much. He grabbed his foot and said "ow" so I know he hurt it again. I'm just amazed he's never needed stitches yet or had any broken bones!!


We were walking through Walmart yesterday and we happened to be in the hair dye section and Kylie said, "Mom, will you diet my hair sometime?" I laughed. Before I could say anything Kaydence said, "Kylie it isn't DIET your hair, it's DIAL". LOL I didn't correct them. I did let her try to dye a strip with kool-aid though tell her that bleach was really bad for your hair and that God made her hair that color because He wanted it that color. She didn't seem convinced. So then I told her that I was 16 before I could dye my hair so she'll have to wait a few more years because I said so.

Let's be real, you have to throw that line in the mix once in a while. :)


The girls and I made Valentine's cookies today and then later we're going swimming. Our big gift to Jake for Valentine's Day was a tub of ping pong balls. Yes folks, our lives have become THAT boring. We bought a ping pong table a while back and play it a lot actually. It's pretty fun! You know you're in it for the long haul when your husband gets something like ping pong balls for Valentine's Day.

Have a Happy One by the way!


Jessica said...

diet...dial... super cute! hehe

Hope Emeric's foot feels better soon. What a bummer.

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