Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Quick update

I've got just a minute here before Emeric gets tired of Kylie pushing him around in his stroller but thought I'd update quickly about what we've found out so far. We're still in Rochester and have one more appt. tomorrow. So far we've had a 24 hour VEEG and a swallow study. The VEEG shows that Emeric is actually likely having complex partial seizures that quickly generalize. It's still hard to say because the one seizure he did have was brief(1 sec) and so the Epileptologist said it's pretty hard to gather a lot of information from that but he will look over the EEG in its entirety and send us a report. For now we upped his meds and I'll update more later.

The swallow study today showed Emeric is aspirating, at least liquids. We've gotten a few suggestions on what to do about this but I'll wait until his appt. tomorrow to see if the GI changes or adds to those suggestions before I write more.

Thanks for keeping us in your prayers!


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