Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Fish are pointless really.

My kids are typically very observant so I was surprised yesterday when this conversation took place:

Kylie: Mom, where's our fish?

Me: Um, the one that died a couple months ago?

Kylie: It died?(shocked)

Me: Yes.

Kylie: Can we get the new one now? You know, the one with puffy cheeks? Dad said we could get it once our other fish died.

Me: Yeah, probably sometime.

Kylie: (thinking for a minute) Poor Goldie.

Me: Wasn't its name Cheyenne?

Kylie: Oh yeah, it was Cheyenne. Poor Cheyenne.

So a new fish with puffy cheeks came into the family today. The kids haven't named it yet. Which is fine since I'm sure by morning it would have a new name. I think I like Cheyenne slash Goldie better though. This fish has like 20/10 vision and flips out when you walk by its bowl. The only time our other fish freaked out is if you put a mirror up to its bowl and that was because it was a fighting fish and I suppose it felt threatened.

Yes, my life has become even more boring than before! Don't forget to stay tuned!


ben and erin said...

haha... that's funny that she forgot it's name. and that it died!
oh, and do you get the urge to pop the puffy cheeks? every time i see them at the store i think about what would happen if you popped them!

A day in the Life... said...

Fish are pointless... I agree

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