Friday, December 5, 2008

Never say never...

Did you know that there were two planets visible recently and that supposedly we'll not see that again for another 50 years?
Well, I missed it. And so I guess my husband decided to provide me with a sight as equally amazing:

*I must add that Jake does help out a lot around the house but that usually consists of doing the dishes or sometimes laundry. I have NEVER seen him mop the floors or clean the bathrooms. He even intentionally put on work clothes for the occasion because he figured he would get dirty. LOL
He didn't want me to take pictures because I told him I was going to feature him on my blog and he said, "I don't want the whole world to see me!" I assured him that the whole world in fact does not read my blog. :)


anna said...

Go, Jake! I doubt I will ever see the day I can post pictures of Brett doing any of those things.....actually, once he said he would scrub the bathroom if he could get out of doing the dishes, and he actually got a good amount of rust off of the tub, sink and toilet. But that was only a week after my second c-section, and I had to do the dishes that night!

ben and erin said...

that's awesome! i saw the plannets, but i totally would've given that up to have my husband mop the kitchen floor!

Jessica said...

haha, that's funny! What a good man Jake is =)

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