Saturday, November 22, 2008

Kylie has been gone for the last 3 days with Jake in the truck so it's just been Kaydence, Emeric and I. Kaydence wasn't quite sure of what to do without Kylie around but she adjusted pretty quickly and was thrilled to watch movies, stay up late, and sleep in my bed. She's taken full advantage of getting more 1 on 1 time but she's also missing Kylie.

I've been searching around for ideas for Christmas and I'm having a hard time coming up with anything. I'd planned on getting Kylie a hand held Leapster but I can't bring myself to spend the money on one and I'm trying to decide how much I want to get them electronic stuff. I see everyone getting their kids electronics for Christmas and I'm realizing how much our kids are getting further and further away from simple toys. Right now some ideas I have are:


Set of cardboard blocks, those big ones you can build with...
I'd also love to get him this chair from Ikea that spins because it's be great for him but it's spendy and I doubt I'll end up getting it:

Kylie & Kaydence:
I'd like to get them a barn with horses, a fence, etc... I'm still looking...
They both like those I Spy books so I hope to get some of those and then I found a neat game by Eric Carle, The Hungry Caterpiller so I'll probably pick that up. I'm looking for some wooden food for their play kitchen because they had a bunch of crappy plastic food but it's all been wrecked in the last year or so.


We have our Thanksgiving service at church tomorrow and Jake and I have to play all the music for it. We've practiced a couple times but I'm nervous to play about 40 minutes worth of music. After church Jake's family all get together at his parents' house for Thanksgiving dinner. I doubt we'll do much of anything on Thanksgiving Day because everyone is busy. I thought about making a huge dinner just for us and I might still end up doing it. I better decide though so I can buy(and defrost) a turkey!

Well, I'm off to play a game with Kaydence before I have to start dinner. I made a Coconut Cream Pie for Jake for dinner. I hope it turns out! I'm not usually quite so domestic! :)


ben and erin said...

samantha has a leapster and the thing i like about it is that she learns stuff while playing the games. that, and it's nice for her to have on the 10 hour drives to grand rapids! have you looked on ebay to see if there's any cheaper ones? just a thought! i'm having so much trouble with Christmas this year too. the kids have so much STUFF!
what are you guys doing for church? does jake play an instrument? have fun - i'm sure you'll do great!

Nicole said...

Yeah, I'm not totally against the Leapster, I was just trying to think of something else possibly... Really my biggest reason is we have the V smile that plugs into the computer and she can use that.

Jake plays guitar so we do worship time quite a bit!

Jessica said...

I always had fun with non-electronic toys when I was a kid. I wasn't into animals but I think that sounds like a great gift for the girls!

How did worship go? Since you are making your own turkey possibly, I am assuming you aren't going to GR?

Nicole said...

Worship time went really well! :) We are heading to GR on Friday afternoon. We have a funeral to go to on Friday morning so we can't leave until after that.

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