Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Apple Butter Revisited... Oh and Allergy testing

A word of caution about the Apple Butter. I would limit your intake to around 2 T. or plan on a stomach ache. It's SO sweet that I was feeling sick last night after 2 pieces of toast. Of course it didn't stop me from eating it this morning but I only ate 1 piece. I'm very disciplined that way. :)

So Kaydence had her allergy testing done this morning. Let's just say it was less than enjoyable. Imagine holding a 3, nearly 4 year old down for nearly 2 hours while she's repeatedly poked with needles and screaming. She was so scared and I felt horrible. The worst part was that they didn't even test her for any food allergies!!!!! I specifically told the doctor that was my biggest concern but apparently they don't do food allergy testing with the skin they only do that in the blood and since her last test only showed an allergy to dairy and nothing else they didn't repeat it. UGH.

Instead they tested her for environmental allergies. They tested for allergies to grass, weeds, ragweed, birch(I'm assuming this is the tree?), indoor and outdoor molds, dust, dust mites, cats and dogs.

She's allergic to ALL OF THEM. Every single thing they tested her for she reacted to! Some worse than others. Cats were the worst.

Her poor arms were so red and irritated and I felt so bad that I promised her McDonald's, playing at the play place in the mall and pop. LOL She gladly accepted my offer.

We're home now and she's still manipulating me into watching cartoons. After all, her arms STILL hurt. ;)


Rachael said...

Your Apple Butter recipe is AWESOME!!!!!! I just got done with it, and I may want to eat at least four pieces of toast with it! Thanks for posting it!
I hope your baby feels better, I cant imagine holding Hudsen down while they did that especially since they are getting bigger and harder to hold when they are mad! Have a Happy Thanksgiving:)

Jessica said...

Oh poor Kaydence! I remember you used to be super allergic to cats, too. Are you still? Do kids out grow some of those allergies?

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